Rock and roll ain’t noise pollution.

It’s a Fuck Yeah, Friday and we’re going to celebrate with some music you need to hear!

Well, you don’t need to, really. I’m not the judge of what you need to do.

But if you would enjoy some of the rock and roll musicks, then here is some of that, for you.

Shivering Window’s “Video Store Girl” is a cool, blue piece of paranoia. It’s not exactly shoegaze, but it has a lo-fi swirl that gets into your head effectively.

Would you like some metal today? Check out Mycelium Construct, with their mathcore dissonance and screamy delicious vocals. Weirdly beautiful at points, painfully harsh at others.

Punk power pop? Hell, yeah. This is like everything you liked about the music of the Aughts without all the crap. It’s awesome, concentrated.

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