Kundli Milan In An New Way.

Kundli milan which is also known as kundli matching plays a major role in every couples life before getting married, especially in hindu community. In India, especially among hindu community, while getting married they don’t think or gives more importance to the bond between the couples, qualification, looks, etc. but they will surely check out with kundli.

Kundli matching is an older custom in hindus which is being continued even today. It is believed that if the horoscope of both future bride and groom match perfectly then they will be having a perfect and happy married life but if incase they don’t match then either they will end up at divorce or frequent clashes i.e, in simple words they will have an unhappy married life.

Whenever there is a marriage proposal for a boy or girl, the family members would contact each others family, collects information about their name, job, education and then about their zodiac sign and birth chart. Even though both family liked the proposals they would totally rely on horoscope matching. If it will match then they will proceed the proposal and if incase they don’t then they end up the step of proposal even though they liked the proposal or family. There are many such couples or family members who ended their proceedings of marriage due to mismatching of horoscopes.

Arrival of new technology

If you have ever stepped in the Kundli matching then you may have noticed that different astrologers provide you different countings. Some exclaims that the both horoscope of bride and groom are matching perfectly and at the same time some says that they have mismatch horoscopes. This creates a total confusion for the family.

In the era of technology, when a traditional method doesn’t work then we prefer a technological help. For instance, while cooking if you don’t have the time or gets an unfinished mixing of foods manually, you tend to prefer a grinder or a hand mixer. Similarly, if you are facing the problem of confusion in horoscope counting and matching which has being created by different astrologers then directly connect with online kundli matching.

Kundli Milan

There are various websites and softwares which helps you in horoscope matching or counting. Instead of wasting money on traditional method, you can get the correct answer at cheaper cost. The only thing you need to do is create an account on any website of kundli and then check it out. Online kundli softwares provide you with various other facilities. From the time of birth to our death, horoscope plays an important role. If you want to create your birth chart, check your zodiac sign, gain information about your horoscope or zodiac sign, etc. can be done with the help of online kundali softwares.

Benefit of Kundli Matching

Other than matching their horoscopes, you can also gain a knowledge about their kundli matching with the help of their sun signs. According to the astrology, there are 12 zodiac signs which are divided into four categories. They are:-
Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

As per vedic scriptures, people who are from same group of element can have a happy and comfortable life. If in case they are not from the same group of element they may have an uncomfortable and an unhappy married life. While starting from Aries to Pisces, star signs have a total of 78 various combinations for marriageable couples.

A kundali matching does not only mean about matching the same group of elements but it also includes nakshatra matching i.e, the stars of both couples should match, kuja dosha check i.e, mangal dosha, dasha sandhi dosha samay. The match points are given out of 36 points. If the matching counts get 18 or more then the star match is considered good. For that it is important to have a right horoscope. For the matching horoscope of both bride and groom, you need to have the star and rasi of both.

There are different steps in kundali milan. The above mentioned is the first step. The second step is considered as crucial and important part in marriages. The second step checks out the kuja dosha of both person. It is said that if only single person has the kuja dosha and the other does not then it will end up in death of the partner. The next two tests are related to the position of planets and its placements and also the study of other minor doshas.

Even today kundali matching is considered as an important part of every marriages in hindu community.

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