Friday Night Geekfight

The Friday Night Geekfight is BGTN’s official podcast. During this podcast, Scofield and X will argue about a specific pop culture related topic. The live audience, known as the Wolves, will make the final judgment about whose argument wins the Geekfight. Sometimes, there are special guest fighters. Sometimes, there are special guest Wolves. Always, there is liquor.

The Friday Night Geekfight will begin recording at approximately 9 PM EST every Friday night. Those wishing to be Wolves must contact X through his Twitter account (@X_the_Unknown) by no later than noon on any Friday on which recording is scheduled to take place. All Fights are done as a conference call through Skype; you must have a Skype account in order to participate.

There are space limitations. Any more than five Wolves at a time becomes confusing and messy, therefore, we will allow no more than five Wolves onto the show at once.

Geekfights will be edited for time and posted on both the podcast hosting page at Pod-o-Matic, where it will be available for download, and on the homepage of BGTN. Most Geekfights last around two hours, so plan your time accordingly.

Topics will be announced weekly on BGTN.

All of these rules and regulations can and will be broken at some point, simply because of situations out of the control of the producers, or because the play simply calls for some messing things up a bit. Hail Eris.